If I Can Dream
If I Can Dream

If I Can Dream Show Open
Role: 2D Animation & Compositing

This is a show open for a web series called If I Can Dream. It was a show that was shot in a "Big Brother"-esque style that followed aspiring artist on their quest to be famous. Working with Digital Kitchen in New York, I composited and animated the show logo as if it were the famed Hollywood sign and composited the last shot where we pull through the lens of a stylized security camera. It was the first reality show of its kind to be aired solely on the web via Hulu.

Client: 19 Entertainment
Production Company/ Studio: Digital Kitchen
Creative Director: Rama Allen
Art Director: Kenji Yamashita
Compositing: Kenji Yamashita, Paul Cantor, Audrey Davis
3D Artist: Parthiban Elangovan
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Producer: Hilary Downes
Executive Producer: Danielle Amaral