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Sprint Convergence Demo
Role: 2D Animation, Compositing, & Design

This project consisted of 6 different videos showing how Sprint can wirelessly keep you connected from home, to your phone, and to the office - all at the speed of light. I had the privilege of directing these the videos with Nailgun in New York City. I was responsible for designing the style and look for the piece, animating the light streaks, and compositing the 3D. This montage has filtered down the 6 videos to my favorite shots in the entire project.

Client: Sprint
Agency: Digitas
Production Company/ Studio: Nailgun
Creative Director: Michael Waldron
Technical Director: Erik van der Wilden
Art Director: Dae Hyuk Park
Designer: Paul Cantor
2D Animators: Paul Cantor, Dae Hyuk Park
Compositors: Paul Cantor, Dae Hyuk Park
3D Modeler/Texture Artist: Santiago Castano, Roger Hom, Jackie Liao, Jasmine Bobe
3D Animation: Roger Hom
Editor: Erik van der Wilden
Producer: M. Shane Dolly
Executive Producer: Elena Olivares